From dark to light and everything in between.

Reds, whites, rose and sparklers.

The best spirits with the best secret recipes.

Paul Carriere is heard on LiVE 88.5 FM in Ottawa.  Plus he is available for private and corporate tastings.

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​​Contact Paul Carriere:

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  • Easter pairings for ham and turkey0:00
  • Easter pairings for a table full of food0:00
  • Burgers with Shiraz0:00
  • Fourth of July American Wine Deals3:50
  • Pizza Pairings0:00
  • Mothers Day0:00
  • Fast Food - Fine Wine0:00
  • Rose for Summer5:01
  • Rhubarb Beer1:29
  • Grapefruit Beer1:13
  • Coconut Beer1:34
  • Beer for Picnic Day2:14
  • Beer for Sushi Day2:05
  • Beer for Go Fishing Day2:17
  • Long Weekend Beers 11:41
  • Long Weekend Beers 21:26
  • Long Weekend Beers 31:41
  • Summer Sipper White Wine 20:00
  • Summer Sipper White Wine 10:00
  • Summer Sipper White Wine 30:00