Beer And Food Pairings

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Two Flags IPA, $3.50
Assertively hoppy, deliberately well-balanced and highly drinkable IPA.

Blanche De Chambly, $2.95

Paired with a soft cheese such as St Pauline.  Citrus peel, cardamom and cinnamon. 

Boss Brewing Company Black Stout, $3.80 for 500 ml bottle

Paired with extra old cheddar.

Palma Cristal

Brewed in Cuba for 80 years.  Light and fruity.

Breakfast Club Hoppy Kolsch-style Ale, $3.10
Crispy crusher is slammable and the perfect pairing for mid-day indulgence.

Marston's Banana Bread Beer, $2.95
Yup - it tastes like banana bread.  Awesome with pumpkin pie!!! 

Nickel Brook Cucumber Lime Gose, $5.95
Sea salt, cucumber and lime.

Omnipollo Zodiak IPA, $3.95
Tropical fruit, spice, herbs and a light bitterness.

Collective Arts Fruit Sour, $4.25
Peach, passionfruit and tart raspberries.

Overhop Hazy IPA, $3.75
Golden colour with tastes of citrus, oats and pineapple.​

Collective Arts Lunch Money, $2.85

Fresh, golden beer from a brewery in Hamilton.

Mill Street Organic Lager, $3.10
Light-bodied, with subtle malty flavours and floral-herbal aromas, it's crisp, clean and easy-drinking.

Syndicate Brewery - The Boss East Coast IPA, $2.95
Light hobs with tastes of pine and citrus.  Pair with a burger with cheddar and bacon.

Nickel Brook Cheeky Bastard, $3.35
Aromas and flavours of coffee, milk chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts paired with a pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce and onion rings​

Omnipollo Zodiak IPA, $3.95
Fruity and lighter IPA but is 6.2 %

Robbie Burns - Alexander Keith's IPA

​A gentle IPA with light citrus flavour.

Superbowl - Nickel Brook Wicked Awesome IPA, $3.55
Pineapple, melon, grapefruit, cereal and nutmeg.

Orleans Brewing Co. Kolsch Me Ousside, $3.10
Food-friendly with a balance of malt and hops.

BrewDog Punk IPA, $2.95
Hazy, golden colour with tastes of fruit and spice.  Pair with chicken wings.

Clocktower Pumpkin Beer, $3.00

Dark beer with just a touch of spice

Big Rig Alpha Bomb IPA, $2.95
A big and full hoppy beer.

Perth Brewery Calypso IPA, $2.95
Lighter IPA with unique Calypso hops. 

Great Lakes Brewery Karma Citra IPA, $3.25
Grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours, with a deliciously bitter finish.

Collective Arts Project IPA No.6, $4.95
A special IPA brewed with peaches.

Sawdust City Skinny Dippin' Stout, $3.25
Pours a dense black colour with thick head

Mill Street Cobblestone Stout, $3.25
Ground coffee, chocolate, and caramel

Nita Perfectum Stout, $3.50

paired with ribs in the oven

Miller High Life, $2.10

paired with mac and cheese for Superbowl

Black IIPA from Waller Street Brewing
Roast, Chocolate, Pine, Citrus
paired with perogies

Whiprsnaper Black Sunshine

Dark brown with hints of coffee and cocoa
paired with triple Cheese beef sliders and a bold BBQ sauce

Bobcaygeon Dockside Beer

A great alternative to the big beers

Dark Horse Stout from Broadhead Brewing Company
Rich and creamy oatmeal stout

Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin Ale

If you really want a beer that tastes like pie

Royal City Smoked Honey

Yup - there is genuine hints of smokey honey

Waller Street Moonlight Porter

Dark with great chocolate taste

Mill St Welterweight IPA, $3.10
Lighter IPA with good malt bitterness and herbs.

Barnstormer Wind-Shear Watermelon Summer Ale 2.0, $3.25
Watermelon with a lingering muffin

Labatt 50

In a special 150 can

PEI Brewing Gahan Blueberry Ale, $3.25
Unfiltered wheat ale made with blueberries from Atlantic Canada.

Nickel Brook Cucumber Lime Gose, $3.95
Sea salt, cucumber and lime juice in this unique brew.

Great Lakes Brewery Lake Effect, $3.25

Awesome IPA

Whiprsnapr Carol Anne Irish Blonde Ale+

A crowd pleaser for Superbowl

Midlands Butter Tart Ale

A desert type beer for the last part of the game

Kichesippi Bristol Stout, $2.85

Paired with chilli

Kickin Back Dry Hopped Session Ale, $2.95
Great for the office Christmas Party

Big Rig Midnight Kissed My Cow, $2.95

Double chocolate milk stout

Waterloo Dark, $2.50

Dark brown colour with a light roast taste

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale, $4.95
Tastes of light bread and pumpkin.

Illiterate Librarians Grapefruit IPA, 650ml $6.95

Kick of grapefruit with the kick of an IPA

Forked River MOJO Citra Rhubarb Wheat Ale, 500ml $3.95

Rhubarb adds a great touch of sweetness

Hannah's Point Coconut Coffee Porter, 650ml $7.95

You can really taste the coconut

Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer, $14.95 per 6pack

Sunnyside Session IPA $2.80 per 473ml can.
Lower in alcohol pale and refreshing. Aromas and taste are citrus, hopps and light wheat.

Nickel Brook Headstock IPA, $2.95, 473ml can
Citrus, apricot and malt on aromas and taste, creamy finish.

Sawdust Lone Pine IPA, $3.25, 473ml can

Very aromatic and hoppy. Med to full bodied long lingering finish.

​Mill Street West Coast IPA, $3.00, 473 ml can

Lemon zest, hoppy, grapefruit on aromas and taste. Light to med bodied great crisp clean finish.

Nickelbrook Immodest IPA, $5.00, 473ml can
Beer lovers beer, so many aromas and tastes because of the amount of different hopps used. Just try it, off the charts!!!