Food And Wine Pairing

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* - food and wine pairing super picks!

Remy Pannier Rose D'Anjou AOC

PAIRED WITH leftover turkey sandwich covered in lots of mayo

Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco DOC, Treviso, $15.95

Turn into a punch by filling a glass 3/4 full with the prosecco, then top it with Orange Juice, Mango Pineapple Perrier and a splash of Grand Mariner

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, $18.95

A really friendly red wine with great tastes of cherry, raspberry and cassis.

Chateau D'Aigueville CdRhone Villages Red AOC, $17.35
Great hints of smoke, juniper, prune and tobacco.

Toro Bravo Sparkling Secco White, $11.95

Lightly sparking

Murphy-Goode Merlot 2016

paired with McChicken

Pascual Toso Limited Edition Malbec

paired with McChicken

Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2015

paired with a Big Mac

Tommasi Graticcio Appassionato 2018

paired with McChicken

Umberto Cesari Liano Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

paired with Christmas prime rib or a Big Mac

Citra Pinot Grigio Terre Di Chieti IGP

paired with McNuggets

Te Henga Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $13.00

Great price for a crisp white.

Aria Rosé VQA, $14.95
Delicious locally made rosé sparkler. 

Michele Chiarlo Palás Moscato d'Asti 2018, $13.95
Tastes of pear and ripe tropical fruit. 

Family Tree 'The Goat Lady' Chardonnay, $16.95
A creamy rich Chardonnay.

BBQ on a budget

Toro Bravo Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc DO La Mancha, $8.15
Zesty citrus and tropical fruit with hints of herb and orange zest

Toro Bravo Tempranillo Merlot, DO Valencia, $8.15
750 mL bottle  |   LCBO#:  635755
Plum, cherry, chocolate, earth and a hint of black pepper.

Le Reservoir Pinot Noir, $12.95
Pair this one with a beef roast

San Marzano Talò Primitivo di Manduria 2016, $16.95
Ripe cherry and plum with smoky chocolate and vanilla tones.

Family Tree 'The Bootlegger' Baco Noir, $17.95
Ripe and juicy.  The grapes harvested in late September then 20% Barrel aged in 100% American oak and 80% aged in stainless steel tanks to create the perfect balance between oak and fruit.

Errazuriz Estate Series Sauvignon Blanc, $14.95
Citrus and green apple, the finish is dry and refreshing.  Poured at our Wine For Wishes booth.

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel, 17.95
Classic rich zinfandel.  Poured at our Wine For Wishes booth.


* Cabral Reserva 2016, Touriga Nacional Blend, $13.95
Vanilla, smoky spices and a hint of smoked meat to a soft, silky core of dark berry fruit.  A great choice for the price.

Yalumba The Strapper GSM 2016, $19.95
Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre classic grenache strawberry/plum jam and white pepper

La Mascota Extra Brut Rosé Sparkling, $19.95
100% pinot noir made by the champagne method. 

Popcorn Pairings

Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $17.95
Pale straw colour.  Flavours of bell pepper, gooseberry citrus; clean, crisp finish.

Domaine Maby La Forcadière Tavel Rosé 2018, $19.95
Tastes of sunny red fruit wrapped in a soft texture. 

Michele Chiarlo Cerequio Barolo 2015, $93.95
Dark-berry, light toasted-oak, super rich yet fresh. Don't put in a blender.


Tourtiere Pairings

The Chocolate Block 2017, Syrah Blend, $39.95
Syrah with Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier create spices and fruit.

Villa Annaberta Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $18.30
Deep ruby red with dark chocolate and a hint of leather.

Trending wines from Spain and Argentina 

Julián Chivite Gran Feudo Reserva, $18.95
Spanish red blend with cherry and flowers.

* Kaiken Malbec, $15.95

A favourite from Argentina packed with blueberry, raspberry and chocolate at a great price.

Super Bowl

* Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco DOC, Treviso, $15.95

A favourite bubbly that pairs with everything at your party.  Dry with lemon and lime. 

Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut Cava, $13.45

Petrol taste will make this one either loved or hated!

Fazi Battaglia Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi DOC, $9.45
Has a distinct taste of peanuts.  Pair it with a stirfry

Fincas Las Moras Paz Malbec 2017, $17.95
Great rich red with a long, velvety finish. 

Bleasdale Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $19.95
Great choice with tastes of black currants and cassis. 

Fresh Sparkling Rosé VQA, $16.95
Something new!  Bright pink makes it a great choice to start a night.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, $14.95
Traditional sparkler with light yeasty and mineral tastes.

The Chocolate Block 2017, Syrah Blend, $39.95
Big wine that does have a hint of chocolate.  Paired with tourtiere.

Villa Annaberta Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $18.30
Dried fruit, dark chocolate and a hint of leather that lingers to the finish.  Paired with tourtiere.

* Chateau D'Aigueville CdRhone Villages Red AOC, $16.65

Tastes of cherry and freshly ground pepper. Pair with braised beef or pepper steaks.

​* Remy Pannier Sauvignon Blanc Val De Loire IGP, $12.95
Hints of white peach and lemon.  Pair with a baked brie

Pelee Island Lola Merlot VQA, $14.95
Great for casual get-togethers. Cherry, blackberry, chocolate and mild spice.

Casa-Dea Reserve Cabernet Franc 2015, $26.95
Raspberry with rustic tobacco and mineral.

Vinologist Sauvignon Blanc, $12.95
Lime and gooseberry.

Vinologist Cabernet Sauvignon, $12.95
Spice and cocoa linger on the smooth finish. Pair with ribeye steak or grilled mushrooms.

Blu Giovello Prosecco, $15.95
A distinctive blue bottle. Fresh pear and tangy citrus.

Farina Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC, $17.25
Cherry, plum with a touch of chocolate.  Paired with Tuscan spice rubbed Fontina Cheese

* Freixenet Prosecco DOC, $19.95

In a cut-glass bottle.  Ripe lemon, hints of green apple, and grapefruit flavours.

Flagstone Poetry Cabernet Sauvignon, $10.95
Plum, black currants and mocha.

Gran Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $24.95
Ripe plum and cassis fruit.  Would be a good one to buy and save.

* Gran Mascota Malbec 2015, $24.95
Sells fast.  Blackberry, spice, and walnuts.   Buy and save for a special day.

Pelee Island Lola Merlot VQA, $14.95
Sweet wild cherry, blackberry, chocolate and mild spice. ​

Casa-Dea Reserve Cabernet Franc 2015, $26.95
Good barbecue wine.

Casillero Del Diablo Pinot Grigio Reserva, $13.00
Light taste, with mandarin orange and grapefruit flavours.

Casillero del Diablo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, $14.00
A plums and cherries with a hint of dark chocolate, this red is a crowd-pleaser.

Carpineto Chianti Classico 2016, $19.95
Black fruit and smoked bacon. Paired with… Ricotta stuffed ravioli in a hearty tomato sauce

Umberto Cesari Liano Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, $27.95
Warm taste of black cherry jam.  Paired with...Salisbury steak with a brown mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes but the pairing didn't work.

Hardys Brave New World Shiraz Black, $16.90
Black cherry, cassis, dark chocolate and licorice.

Tommasi Graticcio Appassionato 2017, $15.95
Fruity cherry, spicy, soft and tasty.

Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc, $9.45
Lemongrass, pear, and melon.

Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato 2016, $14.95
Rosé that is full of red fruit.

​Great wines from Argentina...

Santa Julia Pinot Grigio Del Mercado, $14.00 - Citrus, green apple and pear.

Santa Julia Chardonnay, $11.95 - Mango, grilled pineapple, vanilla and butter that carry on to the finish.

Santa Julia Reserva Malbec, $14.00 - Ripe black fruit, plum and, with notes of black currant, vanilla, coffee and leather.

* Louis Bouillot Perle Noire, $17.00
Classic sparkling wine from France (but not from the Champagne region).  Taste of lemon, toasted  almonds and biscuit.

Henry Of Pelham Pinot Noir VQA, $16.95
Flavours of raspberry, cherry and spice with earthy and spicy oak notes on the finish.

Bouchard AF Heritage Du Conseiller Pinot, $14.00
Flavours of plum, cherry, green pepper and vanilla.

Romeo Limonzini, $10.85
Refreshing sparkling lemon and lime. Pour into a highball glass over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Romeo Peach Bellini, $10.85
Sparkling wine with natural peach fruit pulp that is low in alcohol.​

Two Sisters Vineyards Margot Rose 2017, $34.80
Red berries with lime zest and rhubarb.  
This is a dry rosé with nuanced balance and unexpected staying power. 

Rosehall Run Vineyards Just One Rose, $17.95
Peach, tangerine and honey with hints of white paper on the finish.

Banrock Station Pink Moscato Rosé, $11.95

Strawberry, raspberry and cherry give a taste of candy canes.  Paired with Jalapeno Poppers and hot wings.

Meldville Wines Syrah VQA 2017, $27

Dark spicy fruit with a touch of vanilla. Paired with Latin-American Fusion Burger.

Hardys Stamp Series Chardonnay Semillon, $9.95
Popcorn, tropical fruit and pineapple.

Two Thousand Sixteen County Chardonnay, $30
Unique oniony style that is popular with some, and not so much with others.

Adorada Rosé, $18.95
Lightly sweet, with flavours of watermelon and honey. Try with a roasted red pepper soup. 

Carte Noire Rosé, $19.95
Tastes of ripe red berries that pair with smoked salmon.​

* Hopes End Red Blend, $14.95

Tastes of ripe blackberry, cherry and a hint of vanilla. Pair with a grilled steak.

Stave & Steel Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, $20
Dark cherry, blackberry and plum plus the Bourbon influences add notes of vanilla.

Bernard-Massard Cuvée de l'Écusson Pinot Noir Brut Rosé, $19.95
Perfectly priced dry sparkler for Mothers Day.

Kim Crawford Rose, $15.95
Lots of red fruit on the nose and palate. A true patio favourite.  Paired with brie cheese and strawberry jam.​

Wente Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.95
A big juicy red wine.  Full of black and red fruits with vanilla and chocolate undertones. Perfectly paired with red meat on the barbeque.

The Wolftrap Syrah Mourvèdre Viognier Blend, $15.00
Dark berry, plum, smoke and pepper.​

Tommasi Le Rosse Pinot Grigio 2016, $16.95
Perfect for the table when there is a wide variety of dishes such as Easter.  Or with a dish like Chicken Parmigiana

* Tommasi Il Sestante Valpolicella Ripasso DOC, $19.95
Great ripe cherry fruit, chocolate and spice, with hints of coffee and a bit of earth.  Pair with hearty dishes like meatballs.

Anakena Ona Andes Blend 2016, $19.95
This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Carmenère.  Tastes of dark fruit and herbs.  Perfect for the barbeque.

Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $19.95
A deep red California wine with loads of black fruit, red current and vanilla.

J. Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay, $19.95
Medium straw colour with tastes of vanilla, creme brulee, apple and spice.

The Wanted Zin Old Vines Zinfandel IGT Primitivo, $14.95
Full bodied with flavours of dried fruit, herbs and spice paired with Tourtière.

Egg Rolls

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco DOC, $16.00
Flavours of green apple and citrus; refreshing finish.

Sandbanks Riesling VQA, $14.95
Peach and apricot flavours with citrus.

Cheese Pairings

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco DOC, $16.00
Flavours of green apple and citrus paired with emmental cheese.

Castillo De Almansa Reserva, Almansa DO Red Blend, $12.95
Black cherry, licorice, vanilla and oak paired with manchego cheese.

Old World vs New World Wines

Monte Antico Sangiovese Blend, $15.95

Tastes of cherries and other berries.

Helderberg Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, $14.95
Dark berries

Popcorn Pairings

Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi Chardonnay, $13.75
Ripe apple, citrus, toast and vanilla that paired really well with popcorn.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir, $11.95
Cherries and earthy.  Didn't go well with popcorn, but we want to try again with popcorn that has more butter.

Valentines Day

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Brut Rose, $15.00
Sparkling rose with ripe fruit flavours and a fresh citrus finish.

Blind Tasting - White

Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc, $10.95
Classic citrus & gooseberry flavours.

Cave Spring Riesling VQA, $15.95
Citrus and peach flavours with a medium-long finish.

Blind Tasting - Red

Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz/Syrah, $14.95
Dark fruit, and cherry on a spicy finish.

La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon, $15.45
Black cherry and currant notes followed by a dry cedar finish.

New Years Eve

* Trapiche Extra Brut Sparkling, $13.95
Sweeter with a crisp citrus finish

Domaine Chandon Brut Classic, $31.55
Save some cash with a classic French bubbly that is made in California.  Tastes of apple, pear and lime.

Saving money in the new year

Argento Seleccion Pinot Grigio, $10.95
Peach and tropical fruit.

Torres Sangre De Toro Garnacha, Catalunya DO, $13.95
Cherry, plum and vanilla flavours.

Beringer Brothers Bourbon Barrel Red Blend, $18.85
Ripe blackberries and black cherry.  Blend of 41% Petite Sirah, 21% Syrah, 18% Petit Verdot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Merlot, 2% Other.  Try with bacon wrapped beef skewers

Tommasi Graticcio Appassionato 2016
Tastes of dried red fruit that turn into fresh fruit when paired with pizza rolls.

Perfect Proseccos

Ruffino Prosecco, $16.95
A great appetizer.  Tastes of citrus and pear.  Try with thai food.

Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco DOC, Treviso, $15.95
Dry and light with a taste that is kind of like Fresca.  Try with lemon chicken

Martini Prosecco DOC, $15.95

Fruity notes of grapefruit and green apple.  Paired with Mexican variety pack

Grey Cup Party Pairings

BrewDog Punk IPA, $2.95
Hazy, golden colour with tastes of fruit and spice.  Pair with chicken wings.

Umberto Cesari Iove Rosso IGT, $12.95
Fruity.  Pair with lasagna

Celebrating the kids back in school

Yalumba The Strapper GSM 2015, $19.95
This Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre has great spicy fruit flavours and doesn't need a pairing!

Pairings for Charcuterie

Ventisquero Grey Single Block Chardonnay 2017, $20
Versatile white that works with wide range of meats and cheeses.

Château Pesquié Terrasses 2015, $19.95
A classic wine from France that is great value.​

Red wines paired with Behemoth BBQ Beef Rib and Stuffed Potatoes

** Château De Vaugelas Corbières Le Prieuré AOC Blend, $13.95
One of our favourite wines in a long time.  Dark chocolate and fruit flavours that are very similar to a $60 Châteauneuf-du-Pape.  Look for the 2015.

Smoky Bay, $8.90
Most popular red in Quebec is a great value.

Rose Rosé paired with a Chorizo Pork Burger (remember to keep the wine on ice)

San Marzano Tramari Rosé di Primitivo 2017, $14.95
Tastes of strawberry and rhubarb

L'Orangeraie Rose Pays D'OC, $10.55
Raspberry, strawberry and citrus

Fast Food Fine Wine Pairings!

Paired with a Big Mac...

2012 EQUULEUS, $50.00
Only at the Chateau des Charmes boutique store in Minto Place

Mitolo Jester Shiraz, $22.95
Chocolate-cherry, blackberry, coffee bean and a hint of oak. 

Paired with McChicken....

Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige, $29.95
Apple, buttered toast and citrus flavours.  (Also works great with a Big Mac)

Krone Cuvée Brut Rosé Sparkling 2015, $18.95
Dried red fruit, sundried tomato,  an unusually low price for a vintage dated, traditional method wine

Paired with Andrew's homemade meatballs

Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato 2016, $14.95
Rosé with tastes of savoury red fruit.

Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013, $49.95
Red cherry and spices.

Past Favourites...

Bastide Miraflors Syrah/Vieilles Vignes Grenache 2015, $19.95
Smoked meats, chocolate, blackberry and black raspberries

Troublemaker Red Blend, $24.95
Great blend for parties!  Serve with cheeses, or meaty winter stews. 

Tommasi Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo 2015 Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon , $19.95 

paired with a chilli burger or meats and cheeses

Villa Annaberta Amarone Della Valpolicella Docg, Amarone, $38.95

A great sipper for grownups

Monte Zovo Sa' Solin Ripasso Valpolicella Corvina Blend, $18.95

Paired with traditional tourtiere

Carpineto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva 2012, Sangiovese Blend $34.95

Paired with game tourtiere

Root 1 Sauvignon Blanc, $12.95
paired with goat cheese and vegetable dip OR Creamy cucumber vegetable dip

Tommasi Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore, $22.95
paired with barbeque sauce drizzled on pizza OR vienna sausages

Root 1 Carmenère Colchagua, $12.95
paired with beef and chicken fajitas OR hickory chicken wings

Bernard-Massard Brut Cuvée de L'Écusson, $19.95

A crowd pleasing sparkling white

Tommasi Palanca, $16.55

Delicious deep red

The Wolftrap Syrah Mourvèdre Viognier Blend, $13.95

Smoke and pepper for Halloween

Fast Food Fine Wine...

Château Pipeau, $39.95
Paired with jumbo smoked ballpark hotdog and hickory smoked chicken wings. 

Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne, $49.95
Paired with salty poutine and a Chubby Chicken Burger 

Umberto Cesari Liano Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, $27.95
Paired with double cheese pizza and a meat lovers deluxe pizza

La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon, $14.95
Black cherry and currants with a hint of cedar

Lasagna Day Suggestions...
Winzer Krems Gruner Veltliner 13, $12.95

Citrus, zesty grapefruit, white peach and mineral
LAN Crianza Tempranillo, $16.95
Spicy red berry fruit

Alamos Torrontés 2016, $15.95
Salty grapefruit taste paired with a turkey burger infused with grapefruit.
Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, $18.20

Fruity and spicey paired with a burger infused with salsa.

Yalumba Y Series Viognier, $13.95
Honeydew melon and gasoline

Domaines Perrin Réserve, Cotes de Rhone, Grenache Blend, $16.95
Juicy blend with ripe red berry fruit and spice. 

Trius Brut VQA, $29.95

It is made in Ontario, but uses the exact same process as French Champagne

Diabolica Red Wine VQA, $16.45
Sweet berry fruit flavours with vanilla and dark chocolate notes

Sandbanks Summer White VQA, $14.95
Rich flavours of stone fruit and citrus

Romeo Peach Bellini, $9.90

Light and bubbly fruit wine at an amazing price.

Muga Rosé 2016, $14.95

Try with seafood or salads.

Chivite Gran Feudo Rosé, $12.00
Strawberry and citrus

Fathers Day ideas...

Domaine du Ministre Saint-Chinian 2013, $18.95
Perfect for an herb-rubbed steak.

Wakefield Shiraz, $18.95

Perfect for lamb.

Pairings for Easter... they work with all foods and are not expensive...

Willm Réserve Riesling, $14.95

Slightly sweet for a riesling

Giesen Pinot Noir 2014, $21.95

Classic pinot noir for a great price

Earth Day - go organic and get some great wine...

Malivoire Ladybug Rosé, $15.95

Tastes of red cherry and strawberry.

Southbrook Connect Organic White VQA Vidal, $15.95

Peach, melon and apricot

Mothers Day ideas...

Pelee Island Lola Blush Sparkling VQA, $14.95
Light & Fruity, works perfect with milk chocolate

Graham's Late Bottled Vintage Port, $17.25
Black cherry, cranberry, works perfect with dark chocolate

* Anciano 7 Year Gran Reserva Tempranillo Valdepenas, $12.95

Best overall wine for 2016

Canada vs USA Riesling...

Kung Fu Girl Riesling, $18.95

Cave Spring Riesling VQA, $15.95

Canada vs USA Chardonnay...

Raymond Family Classic Chardonnay, $17.00

Henry of Pelham Chardonnay VQA, $14.95

Canada vs USA Red Blends...

Raven Conspiracy Deep Dark Red VQA, $15.95

Apothic Dark Red, $16.95

* Jacob's Creek Double Barrel Shiraz, $19.95

The best red of 2016.

Yalumba Y Series Viognier, $13.95

The best white of 2016.

Hahn Winery GSM - Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre, $18.95
The classic Rhone blend with a California twist makes this bottle taste like its worth $50.

* Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige, $25.95
The classic Mumm Champagne taste, but made in California for a way better price.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, $14.25
Creamy mouth feel with citrus fruit flavours and a crisp grapefruit finish

Makes an amazing Christmas Morning Mimosa.  Use ½ ounce mango juice, ½ ounce orange juice, 3 ounces of the Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava.

Bottega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco, $14.95
Peachy Prosecco that pairs perfectly with a cheese fondue.

Megalomaniac Homegrown Riesling, $14.95
Peach, apple and a hint of honey makes this wine a perfect pairing for anything.

Ace Hill Pilsner, $2.95 for 473 ml can

Crowd pleasing beer.

Office Party Pairings

Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc, $9.95
Easy drinking with a hint of citrus & gooseberry.

Lindemans Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet, $9.95
Rich blackberry fruit with a touch of vanilla and spice

Wine for Chilli

McManis Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.95
Ripe black fruit, cassis, vanilla and woodsmoke.

Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz, $24.95

Big and bold with touches of roasted fruits, plum and blackberry.

Pasta Day Pairings

Pasqua Passimento Rosso, $14.10 paired with KD and weiners.
Smooth, beautiful fruit flavours of ripe cherries and spices.

Frescobaldi Chianti Nipozzano Riserva $21.95, paired with meatballs and a tomato sauce
Good acidity that pairs with tomato based dishes with a touch of spice, licorice and leather.

Villa Annaberta Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $17.00, paired with tortellini a la bolognese
Flavours of dried fruit and even dark chocolate.

Pairings for Halloween Candies

Fonseca Bin No.27 Reserve Porto, $16.95 paired with Hersheys Chocolate with Almonds
Aromas of dried fruit, plum and spice box; sweet and full bodied with flavours of rich spicy berries and undertones of chocolate, figs and plum; long finish.

Tkz Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet, $14.25 paired with Crunchie Bar
Deep lemon yellow in colour with a subdued nose of white plum and golden raisin; the palate is medium-sweet and bodied with medium acidity and flavours of baked apple and raisin followed by an enduring preserved peach-like finish.

Warre's Otima 10 Year Old Port, $22.20 paired with Caramilk
Bright, medium tawny colour; flavours and aromas of figs, apricots and prune; sweet with soft acidity, medium-bodied with a warm finish

Thanksgiving - perfect pairings for turkey, gravy, tourtiere and the rest of your table

Strewn Two Vines Riesling Gewürztraminer, $12.95

Floral, citrus, lychee and spice aromas with a hint of petrol. Tropical fruit and citrus flavours with balanced acidity and good finish.

Wits End Luna Shiraz 2014, $17.00

Violet, black cherry, black pepper and black tea aromas.

A touch of smoky cedar and bacon compliment the fruit.

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Red Label Zinfandel, $22.95

Woodsmoke, dark fruit, blueberry pie and mulberry notes on the nose.

Well-balanced with plenty of berry fruit and smoke accents.

Bacon and Wine

Jacob's Creek Double Barrel Shiraz, $16.75 paired with Atomic Buffalo Turds

Blackberry and black cherry

Toasted Head Chardonnay, $18.95 paired with bacon and ice cream.

Apricot, tropical fruit, grilled pecan and smoky apple-cinnamon flavours. 

Wings and Wine

White Wines

Beringer Founders' Estate Chardonnay, $17.15 paired with wings in a curry sauce.
Spicy, toasty vanilla and tropical notes on the nose.  Full-bodied on the palate with forward apple citrus fruit and vanilla notes; well-balanced with a long finish.

Sandbanks Riesling, $14.95 paired with wings in a Irish red hot sauce.

Soft floral, pear and petrol aromas.  Peach and apricot flavours with citrus, clean finish

Susana Balbo Crios Torrontés, $13.95 paired with wings in a stout BBQ sauce.
Aromatic & Flavourful

Red Wines

Cline Zinfandel, $16.45 paired with wings in a Irish red hot sauce.
Intense ripe, raspberry and black fruit aromas with hints of earthy, spice and chocolate; dry with generous blackberry fruit flavours and a rich mouthfeel; spicy long finish.

Rolling Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, $15.90 paired with wings in a curry sauce.
Forward aromas of crushed berries and spice; dry with low acidity, fine-grained tannins and medium/full body; flavours of raspberry, blackberry plum and spice, with a medium-length finish.

Casillero Del Diablo Reserva Devil's Collection Red, $14.95 paired with wings in a stout BBQ sauce.

Aromas of black ripe fruit, blueberries, vanilla, spice, and cocoa. The medium body is dry with clean fruit character reminiscent of blackberries.

Summer Sippers

Jackson-Triggs Pinot Grigio, $10.95

Subtle aromas of apple and soft lemon.

Beringer Founders Estate Sauvignon Blanc, $14.45

Tropical fruit and mandarine orange.

Jacob's Creek Moscato, $10.45

Citrus and honey aromas.  Slightly sweet with orange and citrus flavours

Wines that pair with Burgers

3 Rings Shiraz from South Australia, $18.95

Ripe plum and cherry fruit with star anise and peppercorn overtones that carry into the long, vivid finish.

Coppi Peucetico Primitivo, $14.95

Small Gully the Formula Shiraz, $19.95

Happy Fourth of July

Beringer California Collection Pilot Grigio, $11.10

Aromas and flavours of pear, melon and citrus fruit

Smoking Loon Old Vine Zinfandel, $12.95

Blackberry, blueberry and cedar aromas; full bodied and dry, with blackberry and blackcherry flavours mingling with a touch of smoke.

Louis M Martini Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, $15.95

Blackberry, cassis, vanilla, floral and oak aromas and flavours with smoky, spicy notes.


Henkel Sparkling Rose, $12.95
Slightly off dry, great effervescence aromas and taste of raspberries and sour cherries.

Kim Crawford Pansy Rose, $17.95
Lots of beautiful red berry fruit on the nose and palate. Excellent crisp finish.

Ladybug Rose, $14.95
Strawberry and Rhubarb pie on aromas and palate. Excellent dry balanced finish.

BONUS.... Henry of Pelham Riesling, $14.95
Slightly off dry, aromas and taste are peach, apricot, beeswax , citrus and honey. Nice long finish with well balanced acidity.

Pizza Night

Kilikanoon Killerman's Run Shiraz, $16.95 paired with a meat lovers pizza including pepperoni, bacon, sausage, steak and salami.
Blueberry jam, red fruit and vanilla on the taste and aromas. Full bodied long smooth finish.

Lamadrid Single Vineyard Reserva Malbec 2012, $17.00 paired with a 'house special' mushroom, onion, pepperoni, tomatoes and green peppers pizza.
Dark chocolate, jammy, light toffee and spice on the taste and aromas. Med to full bodied.

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc 2014 (organic), $18.95 paired with a veggie pizza including broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, egg plant and garlic olives.
Lots of grapefruit, lemon and white flowers on aromas and taste. Excellent fresh crisp acidity.

Wines for Mom

Muga Rosé 2015, $13.95 pair with watermellon and feta cheese salad.

Light salmon colour.  Aroma and taste of strawberry, sour cherry and white pepper.  Great acidity.

Ironstone Obsession Symphony California, $14.95  pair with Chinese or curry based dish.

Beautiful aromatic white wine.  Aromas and taste of country wild flowers, peach, mango and lychee.  Slightly off dry.

Small Gully The Formula Robert's Shiraz, $19.95  pair with gourmet grilled hamburgers.

Aromas and taste of dark chocolate, pepper, vanilla, jammy red berry fruit.  Beautiful long smooth finish.

Fast Food Fine Wine

Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige Sparkling, $25.95 paired with poutine

Aroma and Taste - citrus, baked bread, apple and pear, beautiful acidity

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Red Label Zinfandel 2013, $22.95 paired with egg rolls

Aroma and Taste - strawberry and blueberry pie, vanilla ice cream and light smokey notes, well balanced

Tedeschi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Amarone, $42.95 paired with meat lovers pizza

Aroma and Taste - fig, rum cake, chocolate

Spanish Wines

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, $13.95

Nose - citrus and yeast

Palate - lemon, grapefruit, brioche bread (creamy)

Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, $19.95

Nose - casisse, red and black current, vanilla, blackberry fruit

Palate - same as nose with a bit of earthiness and liquorice

Wine and Comfort Food

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling, $14.95 paired with Dave's KD mixed with hot dogs

nose - pear, citrus, lightley yeasty

palate - med bodied beautiful mousse

taste - same as nose plus lemon peel

Monte Zovo Sa' Solin Ripasso Valpolicella Corvina Blend, $17.95 paired with Paul's Sloppy Joes

nose and taste - chocolate, cherries, spice, tobacco, plum and dried fruit

Paso Creek Zinfandel 2013 Zinfandel, $19.95 paired with Katfish's Meatloaf

Taste and aroma - raspberry and strawberry jam, spice, peppers and lovely vanilla and toffee

CHRISTMAS DINNER - will go with your turkey and everything on the table

Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay 2013, $27.95 - cool climate, citrus, oak, persistent finish 

Small Gully The Formula Robert's Shiraz 2013, $19.95 - big jammy warm nose, medium to full bodied, red berries on the pallet

Tedeschi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013, $42.95 - big dried raisin on the nose, full bodied, port like qualities, long finish

CHEESE FONDUE - Emmental, Gruyere, Canadian cheddar

Willm Réserve Riesling 2013, $15.95 - dry, crisp, citrus and minerals on the nose and palate.  Clean finish.

Lirica Primitivo di Manduria 2012, $19.95 - Medium to full bodied, raspberry and strawberry jam, red current and Asian spice on the nose and palate.

​Check the Spirits and More section for chocolate fondue pairings.

NEW IN THE STORE (November 5, 2015)

Palacios Remondo La Montesa Crianza 2012 Grenache Blend $21.95



Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige Sparkling, $25.95 - apple, buttered toast, citrus with a touch of hazelnut paired with KFC.  Became more nutty and really sparkled on the tongue.

Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.95 - Full-bodied & Smooth paired with ribs that have a really sweet sauce (no hickory!!).  Brought out a lot more fruit and chocolate on the palate and the finish.


Henry Of Pelham Rosé VQA, $12.95 - lots of red fruit with a hint of cherry pie.

*Malivoire Ladybug Rosé, $15.95 - sweet red fruits like raspberry but still has a dry finish.  Great choice AND made in Ontario.


Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Sparkling, $14.95 mixed with orange juice and mango juice to make a mimosa.  Make sure it is only 1/3 total juice.

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Gold Label Chardonnay 2013, $19.95... pair this one with eggs benedict.

*Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.95... on grilled egg loaf bread (open faced) use Canadian cheddar, bacon and chorizo sauage 


Chivite Gran Feudo Rose, $11.95... great for BBQ's with hamburgers, hot dogs and everything else that needs a simple crowd pleaser

Perrin Réserve, $15.95... perfect for lamb on the grill

Villa Annaberta Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $17.00
Deep ruby; notes of black cherry, raisin and fig on the nose; on the palate it is dry and medium bodied with moderate acidity and tannin; flavours of dried fruit, dark chocolate and a hint of leather that lingers to the finish.